Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York helps resettle refugees fleeing Afghanistan

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Currents News Air Date August, 24, 2021.

By Emily Drooby

As the Taliban grows stronger each day in Afghanistan, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of New York is trying to help those fleeing for their life.

“We have already begun that process and we are prepared to do more as the situation evolves,” explained Msgr. Kevin...

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Space available as bilingual therapeutic preschools open for enrollment at Saint Dominic’s in The Bronx

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St. Dominic's Preschool
Children at St. Dominic's Preschool Program. Credit: St. Dominic's Family Services

By Jim Sliney Jr.

Have you heard of Saint Dominic’s Family Services? They are a nonprofit organization that...

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Andrea Cunningham: CCNY Marathon runner from Catholic Charities Washington State

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Andrea Cunningham
Andrea Cunningham will run the TCS NYC Marathon for Catholic Charities New York. Photo Courtesy of Andrea Cunningham

Andrea Cunningham will be among the 13 participants supporting Catholic...

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9/11 Day of Service: Packing Meals on the USS Intrepid

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911 volunteer day 2018
9/11 Volunteer Day Aboard the USS Intrepid, 2018. Photo: Catholic Charities NY

By Peter Feuerherd

Catholic Charities’ staff and volunteers will be joining the Sept. 11 National Day of Service and...

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Why I Run for Catholic Charities New York: James Marr

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James Marr CCNY Marathon 2021 Runners
James Marr, Part of Team Catholic Charities New York 2021.
Photo Courtesy of James Marr

James Marr will be among the 13 participants supporting Catholic Charities who will run...

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Catholic Charities Emergency Relief Fund to Assist Haitian Earthquake Victims

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Haiti Earthquake
Earthquake Damage in Haiti. Photo: Shutterstock

Catholic Charities Emergency Relief Fund is supporting Haiti’s relief and recovery from a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the country Aug. 14, killing...

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Anthony Simasek, longtime supporter, is running the NYC Marathon for Catholic Charities New York

08/12/2021  |  News Articles  |  Share

Anthony Simasek
Anthony Simasek at the Cape Cod Marathon.
Photo courtesy of Anthony Simasek.

Why Anthony is running for Catholic Charities.

Anthony Simasek will be among the 13 participants supporting...

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Harvard student Onyekachi Agwu shares her drive via Summer Youth Employment Program

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Onyekachi Agwu
Onyekachi Agwu Photo Credit Onyekachi Agwu 

By Peter Feuerherd

There are no leisurely summers for Onyekachi Agwu. She doesn’t waste time.

The Bronx Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) worker was introduced...

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Kate Crohan – Finding her way with the Xavier Society

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Kate Crohan from Arlington WickedLocal
Kate Crohan. Credit:  Prithvi Tikh, Arlington WickedLocal with permission

By Jim Sliney Jr

Kate Crohan is blind. She is also a woman of deep faith. A resident of...

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10 million meals delivered by Catholic Charities: Bronx ceremony and food distribution marks milestone

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CCNY Msgr Sullivan 10 million meals
Executive Director of Catholic Charities New York, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan and client at Sacred Heart Parish, Bronx.
Credit: Johnny Zhang for Catholic Charities New York

By Peter...

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