Painting With Her Feet, an Artist ‘Expresses Who I Am’ - New York Times

12/24/2017  |  New York Times Neediest Cases  |  Share

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. — Sitting in front of a canvas, Linda Riveros paused to consider her next brush stroke.

She stretched her leg toward a cup of paintbrushes and gripped one with the two largest toes on her right foot. She dipped the brush in paint, lifted her foot to eye level and continued to fill in the palm tree on the canvas....

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Catholic expert calls Puerto Rico recovery “a tale of two islands” - The Crux

12/23/2017  |  News Articles  |  Share

NEW YORK - Nearly 100 days after Hurricane Maria plowed through Puerto Rico on September 20, leaving much of the U.S. territory in ruin, the head of Catholic Charities of New York says the relief effort is “a tale of two islands.”

Monsignor Kevin Sullivan, who has served as executive director of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of...

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‘I Was Not Going to Accept It’: After Captivity, Blind Syrian Forges Path to U.S. - New York Times Neediest Cases

12/23/2017  |  New York Times Neediest Cases  |  Share

Hope often came in subtle waves of clarity for Amier Agha. He would recall his younger brother’s new, prosperous life in San Francisco, which invariably made him think of images he had seen of sprawling metropolises and the New York City skyline. The thoughts filled him with warmth and wonder.

If all else failed to distract him from his...

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Archbishop and Religious Groups Hold Puerto Rico Prayer Vigil at US Capitol

12/20/2017  |  Media Alerts  |  Share

Washington DC - As Congress considers recovery and relief packages for hurricane-hit Puerto Rico, the island's Archbishop and national religious groups are holding a vigil in a Congressional office building on Wednesday.

"Puerto Rico needs a Congress that is sensitive to the pain of the people of Puerto Rico," noted the Most Reverend...

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Mom, Son Strive To Build a Life in New York - Wall Street Journal

12/18/2017  |  News Articles  |  Share

By Melanie Grayce West Dec. 17, 2017 3:39 p.m. ET

A few days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September, Jessica Torres, drove her car to the one passable highway, climbed a mountain to get mobile reception, borrowed a stranger’s phone and called her parents in Yonkers.

Between tears, she let them know that she and her 5-...

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A Way to Help Refugees From Puerto Rico - New York Times

12/17/2017  |  New York Times Neediest Cases  |  Share

Like millions of others in Puerto Rico, Enid Rosa had her normal life washed away in September by Hurricane Maria. Her house in Rincón, a coastal city on the western edge of the island, was inundated. Outside, the flooding was even worse. “It was really bad,” Ms. Rosa said. “But it was scarier after the hurricane: No food. No water. All our...

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In Harlem, a Shelter That Gives Young Men the Tools to Succeed - New York Times

12/14/2017  |  New York Times Neediest Cases  |  Share

Nestled on a residential block in Harlem, Create Young Adult Residences looks like any other apartment building. A fire escape snakes up its rust-colored facade.

Throughout the day, young men who live in the building, on West 128th Street, come and go, heading to and from school, jobs and neighborhood restaurants like Red Rooster Harlem ...

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Goshen Christmas House Tour Raised More than $25,000 for Catholic Charities Community Services

12/12/2017  |  Media Alerts  |  Share

500 Guests Toured 9 Festive Goshen Homes and 2 Historic Locations

Goshen – It was a busy day for the seven Goshen homeowners who warmly welcomed 500 guests into their homes for a close-up look at their Christmas finery for Catholic Charities Community Services of Orange and Sullivan’s third annual Goshen Christmas House Tour.  Catholic...

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Cardinal Dolan, Hundreds Of Volunteers Get Christmas Gifts For Families In Need - CBS Local

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Cardinal Timothy Dolan spread a little Christmas cheer Saturday, joining hundreds of volunteers to shop for less fortunate families.

With a list in hand, the Archbishop of New York set off to play Santa for the day.

He walked the aisles of Kmart in Astor Place, hand-picking warm clothes for a mother...

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