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Another Great Success for the Saint Nicholas Project

Women purchasing a coat for the St. Nicholas Project at Kmart in NYC

By Jim Sliney Jr.

If you’ve been following the progress of Catholic Charities of New York’s Saint Nicholas Project, (and we hope you are) you’ll recall that they organized the  “31-Days of Giving.” The campaign provided donors, just like you, the opportunity to shop for winter coats at Kmart for up to $5 a coat! The coats will be distributed among our Federation of 90 agencies that provide to those in need this winter season.

Maybe you showed up at the Sears in Westchester and purchased one of the 800 coats sold there! Or maybe, you went to one of the two Kmart locations in Manhattan that sold 200 coats! Perhaps you were part of one of the several church groups that teamed up to purchase 50+ coats each! If you were part of any of that, we thank you, seriously, you’re awesome! But, if you missed your chance it’s okay, because the Saint Nicholas Project always has opportunities to give and get involved. For example:

Don’t forget to check with your company to see if they offer a "Matching Gifts" program. Did you know that companies put money aside just for charitable gift matching, but between $4-7 Billion of that goes ungiven each year? That’s because most folks don’t know to ask. Know you know! So, check your employer; your gift could be doubled, or more!

The adopt-a-family participation starts in October (formal start date to be announced soon, so keep an eye out!) and it works like this:

  • You choose to adopt from a family ranging from one to as many as twelve members.
  • You can sign up now!  Fill out the online Participation Form.
  • We’ll match you with a family based on your capacity.
  • Once you agree, we will send you a family description and a list of what they need. 
  • We will be in touch with more specifics, as well as information about the family(s) you would like to support, very soon! 
  • Then, you get to shop! You’ll then bring or mail your goods one of our Catholic Charities locations where items will be distributed to your adopted family.

The Saint Nicholas Project is a year-round initiative that provides much-needed items and case management assistance to children and families in need. Not just during the Christmas season.

If you would like to support the St. Nicholas Project by providing a monetary or a donation of new goods like clothes, toys, school supplies, or household appliances and more! – We are happy to accept it! You know, gift cards for retailers are always welcome too. If you want to arrange a donation you can contact Lakisha Morris at 646-794-2436 or you can email her at