Alianza Youth Services Employs Over 1,300 Youth This Summer

Over 1,300 young people joined the workforce this summer, through the Alianza Youth Services Division: Summer Youth Employment Program; New York Times Catholic Charties’ Internship, In School Youth Program and the Hispanic Federation of New York.

SYEP is employing 1,300 youth from Manhattan and the Bronx - a 36% increase in participants from last year. Participants, ages 14 to 24, work in over 230 companies and organizations throughout New York City.

Companies like Subway, UPS, Manhattan Times/Bronx Free Press and CUNY in the Heights have hired students once the SYEP ends. Two of the most innovative SYEP employment locations are the agencies of the Hispanic Federation of New York, (HF), and Dominicanos USA, (DUSA).

The Hispanic Federation’s work on civic engagement is year-round, but in election years it is especially laser focused. As a nonpartisan organization, Hispanic Federation has worked for over two decades to ensure that Latinos are not only registered to vote, but informed about the political process and their rights and responsibilities.

Through SYEP, the Hispanic Federation has hired 115 youth to help with registering people to vote.  HF has offered more than 100 civic engagement trainings for Latino agencies so they can become community-based centers of voter registration and outreach. The SYEP youth are trained and placed at these organizations.

For many years, there was a need within the Dominican-American community to increase civic engagement by registering, educating and mobilizing this community to go out and vote. In 2013, this need gave birth to Dominicanos USA (DUSA), a non-partisan effort focused on the empowerment of the Dominican-American community.  DUSA began in New York and it is now also in Rhode Island.   In two years, DUSA has registered 100,000 people nationally between its two offices, making DUSA the largest effort to increase Dominican-American civic engagement.  XX # of Alianza Youth were hired by DUSA

Alianza Youth Services, the Hispanic Federation, DUSA and the SYEP serve as the training ground for a new generation of strong leaders. Whatever field the participants are interested in, this program provides the tools and resources to integrate civic engagement into their academic and professional work.

SYEP provides workshops on college readiness, financial literacy, health, and conduct in the workplace. These youth employment services helps young people build their resumes, interview skills well and be successful in the workplace.