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Catholic Charities of New York Ranks as NYC’s Best Affordable Housing Options for Women

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by John-Mark de Palma

Looking for temporary affordable housing in New York City? The New York Post featured 9 affordable housing options for women – and 6 of the beautifully appointed residences are operated by Catholic Charities Agencies, whose mission is to provide safe and affordable housing options for women. Today, 6 religious orders continue to run these residences and most have between 80 and 150 women as their guests.

With all 6 locations in the heart of the City, the rooms are perfect for students, interns, and those beginning their professional careers. Amenities vary from residence to residence, but many include dine-in options, full kitchens, dining rooms, housekeeping, private bathrooms, laundry, common spaces, roof decks, wi-fi, libraries, air-conditioning, and chapels.

The need for a supportive community of like-minded women gave rise, for example, to coworking juggernaut The Wing. “With the #MeToo movement, victims of sex trafficking and all of the abuse,” says Eileen Piazza, the director of Jeanne d’Arc, in the New York Post, our mission “is more relevant and more needed now than it was 120 years ago.”

Another great option for travelers to New York City is the Leo House. Founded in 1889 by papal certification from Pope Leo XIII, the guesthouse offers accommodations for men, women, and families.

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Centro Maria Residence
539 West 54thStreet

Jeanne d’Arc Residence
253 West 24thStreet

Saint Agnes Residences
237 West 74thStreet

Sacred Heart Residence
145 East 39thStreet

St. Joseph’s Immigrant Home
425 West 44thStreet

St. Mary’s Residence
225 East 72ndStreet

The Leo House
332 West 23rd Street