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10,000 Children or 1 in 8 NYC Students is Homeless Before Entering 5th Grade: Study Says

A recent NYU study found that more than 10,000 children who started kindergarten in 2012 were homeless before they entered the 5th grade. Many were forced to stay in a shelter or live with family and friends. Of the 10,312 students — or more than 12 percent — who experienced homelessness before their fifth-grade year, more than a quarter were homeless for all five years and nearly 70 percent were homeless for more than a year, the study found.  Nearly 89 percent of the tracked homeless students were black or Latino, the report says — as were almost 95 percent of those who lived in shelters for at least three years.

The kids who experienced homelessness also were not evenly distributed throughout the city, the study found. The western Bronx, upper Manhattan and northern Brooklyn were home to the schools with the highest proportions of them, the report says.

The proportion of young kids experiencing homelessness outpaces the rate for the city's entire school system. Some 114,659 students — more than one in 10 — were identified as homeless in the 2017-18 school year, according to data published in October.

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