Archdiocesan Housing Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Location: 80 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038 

FLSA Status: Full Time, Exempt 

Department: Association of New York Catholic Homes 

Reports to: ANYCH - NYIHD Boards and Board Liaison 

Supervisory Responsibilities: Yes

Summary: The CEO will oversee and manage the increasingly complex and growing effort of the Archdiocesan housing activities of the ANYCH and NYIHD. The principal areas of responsibility are: to oversee and manage the staff and activities of the ANYCH and the NYIHD in the preservation of the current housing portfolio and in the development of new rehabilitation and building projects; to direct and manage the compliance staff and its work in assuring the fiscal, program, and governance integrity of the local housing entities; and, to be the principal liaison with the Boards and Executive Committees of the ANYCH and NYIHD. 

The CEO must possess the ability to instill confidence in both internal and external constituents. To lead and direct the Archdiocese's housing initiatives, the CEO must have extensive experience that encompasses oversight of complex organizations and experience with managing fiscal, program, and compliance staff. The CEO must also have extensive experience and demonstrated leadership in the field of affordable housing development, including the financing of affordable housing. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

A. Management 

  1.  Manage the assignment and work load of the ANYCH and NYIHD staff with respect to current and emerging housing projects. 
  2.  Review, monitor, and, where necessary, develop policies that ensure the integrity of the legal, compliance, and governance of the housing operation. 
  3.  Be responsible for the fiscal management of the ANYCH and NYIHD including development and monitoring of budgets, ensuring timely completion of audits and other required reports. 
  4.  Be responsible for overall risk management in the development of new housing entities including monitoring the adequacy of insurance protection, monitoring of guarantees, and insuring long term viability of the housing entities. 
  5.  Be responsible for direct staff supervision of the fiscal and program compliance unit staff who monitor affiliated housing entities. 

B. Oversight of Housing Operations 

  1. Oversee the implementation of the Archdiocese's housing development and rehabilitation projects. 
  2. Be responsible for the overall supervision of ANYCH and IHD staff, including ensuring annual evaluations and hiring of new staff and consultants. 
  3. Assist in the securing of financing and government approvals as necessary for Archdiocesan housing projects. 
  4. Coordinate and direct NYIHD/ANYCH management group, which consists of ANYCH and NYIHD staff and consultants, the Director of Real Estate for the Archdiocese of New York, a representative from the ANYCH and NYIHD Boards, and Director of Archdiocesan Government Relations. 
  5. Be responsible for overall relations with the ANYCH and NYIHD Boards including finalizing and developing agendas and materials for Board meetings. 
  6. Establish and maintain productive relationships with and public and private entities that are engaged in the financing, preservation, and development of the Archdiocese's affordable housing initiatives, as well as with other representatives of the Archdiocese, including Catholic Charities and housing involved parishes. 
  7. Articulate a positive vision of the development of low income housing in the Archdiocese with local government, community organizations, public agencies, lending sources and other housing organizations. 


Other duties may be assigned 


Education and/or experience: 

  • Advanced degree in finance, public administration, architecture, engineering, law, or a related degree, preferred; 
  • Bachelor's Degree requirement 
  • A minimum of ten years management experience of complex organizations 
  • Experience managing fiscal, program, and governance compliance staff 
  • A minimum of 10 years experience in financing and implementing large-scale affordable housing development and rehabilitation initiatives 
  • Experience interacting with the public sector including Municipal, State, and Federal governments to address regulatory and programmatic issues affecting the ability of the Archdiocese to preserve and expand its supply of affordable housing 
  • Knowledge of affordable housing public and private financing strategies and the demonstrated ability to apply such strategies to secure adequate funding for Archdiocesan housing redevelopment and new construction projects 
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and proven commitment to addressing the housing and community needs of lowincome individuals, families, seniors and special needs households 

Skills, Licenses, and/or competencies: 

  • Ability to supervise and create a working housing team 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, negotiation, and presentation skills 
  • An understanding of the administration and operation of the New York Archdiocese a plus 

Job Summary

Archdiocesan Housing Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Association of New York Catholic Homes 
Advanced degree in finance, public administration, architecture, engineering, law, or a related degree, preferred;  Bachelor's Degree requirement 

How to Apply

Applicants must submit a resume and cover letter highlighting relevant past experience and qualifications, and state their position of interest and desired compensation. Submissions without this information will not be considered.

Please send resume and cover letter to: