Welcoming & Integrating Immigrants & Refugees

Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services - Information Session & Free Legal Clinic (Volunteers Needed)

Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services

Information session and free legal clinic for all and

Application assistance for Hondurans with TPS


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Children Separated at the Border; Reunited in the Bronx

 Catholic Charities Finds Room in the Inn

Highlights from an amazing day!

  • Mario Russell, Catholic Charities Immigration Director, brought Javier, just reunited with his son, William, 4 to...

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Reuniting Separated Immigrant Families: Catholic Charities in the News

City Council members were told Thursday that 350 migrant children taken from their parents at the border were sent to the New York area, but that only 12 have been reunited with their families, all of them under the age of 5.

"Clarity is missing, process is missing and transparency is...

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Separated Immigrant Son, Age 4, Reunited with his Dad

Find Out How Catholic Charities Helped

Dressed in a blue t-shirt decorated with monster trucks, his brown eyes round and trusting, William, 4, gives the cheese sandwich he is eating in the...

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Catholic Charities Statement on Reuniting Separated Children with their Parents

The court-established deadline for reuniting children separated from their parents by recent federal policy decisions has arrived. While it is positive that parents and children will be reunited, Catholic Charities is concerned these reunifications be done in a way that serves the best interests...

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Refugees Welcome

We Are Better Because of Them

Why refugees flee to the U.S. and what they might offer our nation have become topics debated everywhere from congressional halls to family dinner tables.  For answers...

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Top 4 Ways to Help Separated Immigrant Children in New York

How You Can Help

Thousands of immigrant children seperated their families are now searching for one another. Many of these children were sent to New York and placed in temporary care while their...

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Cardinal Dolan Weighs In on Separated Immigrant Children Crisis

"Taking Children Away is Unbiblical & Un-American"

Dear friends in the Lord:

I write to you on a matter of serious pastoral, moral and humanitarian concern to our Church, and to me...

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Crisis: Hundreds of Separated Immigrant Children Sent to NY

Urgent – Please Help

As I write today, thousands of...

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Best Way New Yorkers Can Help Separated Immigrant Children

At Catholic Charities We Know Each Child

Catholic Charities staff visit...

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