Welcoming & Integrating Immigrants & Refugees


Trapped by Guatemalan Thugs, Leonel Herrate Escapes to Share His Story

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Part of Catholic Charities Special “Who Are These Immigrants?” Series

Introducing the Faces behind the Numbers of Those We Serve

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Meet Rigoberto and Janice in This Just-Released Video

Meet Rigoberto and Janice in This Just-Released Video

From Amicus Briefs to American Girl Dolls

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For Immigrants A lot - and a Little - Goes a Long Way

Fostering talents of Immigrant children in NYC shelters

By C. Mario Russell, Esq.

Director, Immigrant and Refugee Services

Who Are These “Unaccompanied Minors”?

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Find Out from Those Who Know Them Best

By Anthony Enriquez

Director of Catholic Charities Unaccompanied Minors Program

Catholic Charities Partnership Offers First-of-Its-Kind Pro Bono Project for Immigrants

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Follows Pope Francis’ Exhortation to Help Migrants

Urgent! We Need Your Help and Hope

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Last year was a year of devastation for so many of our brothers and sisters: hurricanes; evictions; lives and livelihoods swept away. But because of compassionate neighbors like you, it was also a year of great hope.

Faith Leaders Fight for New York Farm Workers

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Push to Bring Modern Rights to Medieval Workplaces

Farm workers, largely foreign born and already unprotected by labor laws most of us take for granted, feel increasingly helpless during this vocal anti-immigrant environment. So Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan joined faith and community leaders from across New York State in Albany on March 20 to push for basic labor standards to protect them.

Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services - Information Session & Free Legal Clinic (Volunteers Needed)

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Flexible, Local English Classes Empower Immigrants with Independence

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First Crucial Step

By Elaine Roberts
Director of the International Center at Immigrant and Refugee Services, Catholic Charities NY

The Department of Homeland Security may soon formalize the abhorrent practice of detaining the children of asylum-seekers separately from their parents. Immigrant families apprehended at the southwest border already endure a deeply flawed system in which they can be detained indefinitely. In this immigration system, detainees too often lack adequate access to counsel. But to unnecessarily tear apart families who cross the border to start a better life is immoral.