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Census Immigration Question Accuracy Risks Billions of Corporate Dollars, May Impact Services

US Census Citizenship Question
Image from the United States Census Bureau

by John-Mark de Palma

“Is this person a citizen of the...

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What’s New in the 2020 Census

And How What’s New Affects You

By Alice Kenny

The U.S. Census count, a once-in-a decade nationwide event – along with changes planned for it - can have a huge impact on you.


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Justice, Charity & Peace

Huge Mandate Addressed by Dedicated Staff

L-R: Tom Dobbins, Alison Hughes-Kelsick, Richard Espinal
L-R: Gabrielle Threatt, George Horton, Donna Dairocas

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Catholic Charities Fact-Finding Mission Touches Down in Northern Triangle

Meets Migrants & Officials in Front Lines of Refugee Crisis

Touching down in Honduras’ Toncontin Airport in the heart of Central America’s Northern Triangle, Catholic Charities Executive Director...

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Wishing You and Your Family a Happy Easter

With Best Wishes from Catholic Charities NY

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Cardinal Dolan's Lenten Journey with Catholic Charities of New York

by John-Mark de Palma

His Eminence, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, accompanied Catholic Charites Executive Director, Monsignor Kevin Sullivan on a Lenten journey in preparation for the...

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On The Hill to Advance the Mission: Catholic Charities New York Meets Legislators

Catholic Charities Directors in Washington, D.C. Photo Credit: Catholic Charities USA

by John-Mark de Palma

Last week,...

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Great Summer NYC Thrift Store Sale

Save Now to Support a Great Year-Round Cause

Check out this Special Summer Sale at the Sharing Place!


• Great deals

• FREE pick up service for Manhattan donations 

• And all for a great cause

The Sharing...

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Halfway through Lent and Looking for Inspiration?

Make a Lenten Goal to Serve Our Community

Lent is a special time before Easter when, through prayer, fasting and alms, we transform our Christian love into action.

Sounds good, but how exactly do...

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Catholic Charities of New York Joins Interfaith Peace Rally at NYU

Interfaith Peace Rallly: Monsignor Sullivan Shown First from Left

by John-Mark de Palma

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese...

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