Supporting the Physically & Emotionally Challenged

Catholic Charities Junior Board - Casino-themed Party at Lott Assisted Living Residence

You voted on the theme for the next party at Lott Residence and the winner is Casino!

Join the Junior Board in hosting a Casino-themed party to entertain our senior friends at Lott Residence. There will be games, dancing, AND more! Please come out to help us give the...

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Blinded, Homeless & Bullied

Breathtaking Video You Don’t Want to Miss

Seana shares how she defies blindness in this stunning video at 0:53

Suddenly blinded, Seana lost...

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Beacon of Hope House - Annual Talent Show

Beacon of Hope House (BOHH) operates residences and a day program in the Bronx for approximately 400 individuals for persons with serious and persistent mental illnesses. We are looking for compassionate volunteers to assist staff during our annual talent show in which the residents perform....

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Heroin: Shooting Up and Fighting Back

Sobbing mothers. Stunned fathers. ...

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Battered, Blind and Homeless. How Does This Nightmare End?

“For Seana Cromitie, the surest sign of a new problem in a life full of them came in the place that had always been her sanctuary: the kitchen,” reports Alan Blinder in this recent...

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14 Slaughtered. Not again!

Not again.  Our hearts break as we pray for the 14 murdered, 17 injured and countless families and friends grieving for the innocent people shot down yesterday at the Inland Regional...

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Unlikely Hero Rescues Disabled Child - Find Out How

“As Marco Muñoz speaks, recalling the past few years of his life, Jose Hernandez slips one of his shoes onto Mr. Muñoz’s hand,” writes New York Times Reporter John Otis in...

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Watch Amazing Video as Music Brings Alzheimer’s Patient Back from Dementia

Catch this amazing video as famed neurologist Oliver Sachs uses a tiny iPod – yes, an iPod! – and the magic of music to bring Henry, a nearly comatose patient with Alzheimer’s, back to life.

And that’s not all.  Now you, in the comfort of your own home, can wield this magic to reawaken...

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Kennedy Child Study Center - Community Open House

Kennedy Child Study Center (KCSC) invites you to its first annual Community Open House. 

KCSC is opening the doors of its new school to supporters and neighbors. KCSC invites you to tour this new home and learn more about their high-quality special education services. 

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