Disaster Response & Recovery

How to Prepare, God Forbid, for a Disaster

September: National Preparedness Month

It’s National Preparedness Month, September 2018, giving us a special reminder to prepare ourselves and our families for, God forbid, an unexpected disaster.


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My Eye Witness to Puerto Rico’s Health Care Crisis

AKA My Mom’s Visit to the Hospital

By Teresa A. Santiago

Catholic Charities NY Spanish Media Consultant &  Estoy Con Puerto Rico Board Member

When my 90-year old mom...

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Virgin Islands Still Reeling as New Hurricane Season Hits

An Insider's Glimpse at Disaster

Largely ignored by current news media, the U.S. Virgin Islands continue to reel from back-to-back punches last year by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. ...

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“Don’t Forget Us!”

Firsthand Look at Puerto Rico 9 Months After the Storm

By Teresa A. Santiago
Catholic Charities Spokesperson and
Estoy Con Puerto Rico Board Member

Last week, as I...

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Top 10 Tips to Brace for Tomorrow’s Nor’easter

Say It Isn’t So!


Not another snow storm - say it isn’t so! 


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On This Journey, There Is Still Hope

My Chance to Find Hope

By Sandy Strk

Catholic Charities Marketing Manager

Sandy Strk, 4th from left, with fellow Catholic Charities New York...

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The 82nd Annual CYO Club of Champions Tribute

Each year this annual event raises money to support the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO). CYO serves tens of thousands of young people each year through athletic, social, spiritual...

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NYSBPL 47th Annual Legislative Conference

Join Catholic Charities at the NYS Association For Black and Puerto Rican...

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Puerto Rican Hurricane Evacuees Put Down New York City Roots

Inside Scoop on How They’re Doing & How We Help
Recent hurricane survivors still need help.  At Catholic Charities we know this because we know hurricane survivors personally, one-on-one. 

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Hurricane Harvey Hit Houston 5 Months Ago; 1000s Still Wait for Aid

Msgr. Kevin Sullivan Delivers Donations and Solidarity

Sitting on a tattered mattress wedged between plywood floors and punctured sheetrock walls, Joe Murphy welcomes Catholic...

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