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Finding Emergency & Temporary Shelter

Accessing emergency shelter is essential for individuals & families without a place to stay – but not easy.

You can’t usually just simply walk into a shelter and there are guidelines and many are limited to specific groups: singles, families, teenagers, veterans, domestic violence survivors etc.



There is a required centralized intake system for both public and non-profit shelters.

Contact the Department of Homeless Services by dialing 311 or 800-994-6494.

There are also Drop-In Centers that provide services such as meals, showers, laundry and clothing.

Many shelters and drop-in centers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Other NYC Shelters

There are a very small number of shelters that do not use the centralized system.

Call the Catholic Charities Helpline at: 888-744-7900 for information about these.


Outside of New York City

Each NYS county has different guidelines. To find local options, call Catholic Charities Helpline at: 888-744-7900.

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Need Other Help?

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Dial 311 For Help in NYC
Dial 211 For Help in NY
Call 911 for Emergencies