Feeding Our Neighbors in the Hudson Valley

About ShopRite

Starting on Sunday January 21st until Saturday, February 3rd, 2018, 27 ShopRite supermarkets in the Hudson Valley will be asking shoppers to make non-perishable food or cash donations at checkout. Thanks to last year’s shoppers, $92,000 in cash donations and more than 23,000 pounds of food were collected to ensure that hungry New Yorkers in the Hudson Valley had enough to eat. This year, our goal is to surpass last year’s results.


Find a participating ShopRite Supermarket near you in the map below:

Acceptable Food Items to Donate

The Archdiocese of New York Network needs the following nutritious foods:


• Canned Vegetables • Tomato Sauce • Vegetable Soups


• Canned Fruits (in juice or light syrup) • Dried Fruits • 100% Fruit Juices


• Beans- canned or dry • Peanut Butter • Nuts

• Canned Meat (chicken, beef, ham) • Canned Fish (tuna, salmon, sardines) • Canned Stews (chicken or beef)  


• Rice (white, brown, flavored) • Pasta/noodles • Dry Cereal and Hot Cereal (grits, oatmeal, farina) • Flour/Cornmeal/Baking Mixes • Whole Wheat Crackers • Couscous


• Dry Milk packets • Shelf stable milk • Soy/Almond/Rice Milk Dairy • Nutritional Beverages (Boost, Ensure, Carnation Instant Breakfast) • Spices • Coffee/Tea

• Personal Care Items Other Items

To ensure food safety, we cannot use:

• Rusty or Unlabeled Cans • Avoid glass containers and all perishable foods • Homemade Items • Noncommercial Canned Items • Noncommercial Packaged Items • Alcoholic Beverages & Mixes • Open or Used Items

› Download the list of acceptable food items

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At dinner tonight with IOM in Honduras (International Organization for Migrants: @UNmigration), an organization tha… https://t.co/qoE6NDQKYi

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Day 2 in Honduras: We first met with a center that welcomes and orients migrants coming in from the US. The people who work at the center provide medical care and provide kits to migrants that include toothbrushes, toothpaste and razors for men. Many of these migrants are denied brushing their teeth for weeks sometimes. Later in the day we met with participants of Youth Pathways, a program that helps young people with leadership skills and skills that will help them enter the workforce. Then we met with a group of union leaders and we learned about the different situations they face in fighting for worker's rights, but also when gang violence affect coworkers.

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