Rent Laws Expired But You Still Have Rights

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Tenants are fuming; others are frightened, as the fate of rent regulations remain in limbo. Days after the rent law expired, Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders remain in a standoff on how much landlords can charge for rent-regulated apartments...

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Gender & Justice – in the Age of Mass Incarceration

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Hard to believe – yet true. American women make up only 4.5 percent of women in the world.


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Celebrating World Refugee Day 2015

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Staff, interns and volunteers from Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement were joined by clients new and old to celebrate World Refugee Day...

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Brothers Break Barriers; Set Legal Precedent

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Cesar Vargas just joined his now much publicized brother, Carlos, in breaking barriers so big that his story also landed in The New York Times.

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Thank You, Deloitte Volunteers!

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Dozens of volunteers from the national consulting firm Deloitte fanned out across New York City last week to help us serve those in need.


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Tips and Tricks for Running the NYC Marathon

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​Our 12 Team Catholic Charities runners are gearing up for the big day, the TCS New York City Marathon scheduled for November 1, 2015.


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“Fixing NYC’s Lousy After-school Rules”

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By Sr. Paulette LoMonaco
Executive Director of Good Shepherd Services, an affiliate of Catholic Charities

(Excerpts from Sr. LoMonaco’s editorial published in today’s Daily News)


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Gold Medalist Chris Mullin Credits CYO for Kicking Off His Career

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Chris Mullin, one of the greatest NBA players of all time, received the John V. Mara Sportsman of the Year Award on June 4th at the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) Club of Champions Tribute.

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Win the Jackpot – Become a U.S. Citizen!

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If you already have your green card – AKA legal status in the U.S. – join us to take the next big step.

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De Blasio Forms Hotline Between Clergy and City Hall

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Mayor de Blasio just announced creation of the Mayor’s Clergy Advisory Council to serve as a hotline between religious  leaders and City Hall.

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The Best Way to Escape the City Heat

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Art, food and just an hour from NYC!

Join us in historic Goshen for the first Friday Art Walk.


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Cardinal Dolan: “Catholic Charities Is Where Christ Lives”

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By John Franko
Pittsburgh Catholic

When thousands were fleeing the 9/11 attacks in New York, Cardinal Dolan told a crowd at the Bishop’s Dinner for Catholic Charities held in Pittsburgh on May 15, there were many...

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New Video Highlights Impact of Our Work and Personal Story of One Family

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 Before cancer struck, Yarsely, 27, and her husband, Jean Carlos, 28, each held jobs to support themselves and their two little girls.

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NY Notables Help Gala Raise $2 Million for People in Need

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Great news.  Catholic Charities Annual Gala brought headliners – and headlines – to raise more than $2 million to help our neighbors in need.


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