Tips and Tricks for Running the NYC Marathon

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Inside Lane: Spotlight on William Mooney Sloneker

Our Team Catholic Charities runners are gearing up for the Big Day, the TCS New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 4, 2018.

They’ll be racing through all five boroughs.  They’ll be running more than 26 miles. And they’ll be surrounded by tens of thousands of fellow runners in what is called the largest marathon in the world.

How do they do it?

During the next six months we’ll share with you their tips and training advice.  And we’ll also share why they’re running for Team Catholic Charities.

Today, as our inaugural TCS NYC Marathon 2018 teammate blog post, let’s here from William Mooney Sloneker from our Catholic Charities NY Development Department on he’s preparing for the race.


By William Mooney Sloneker

  • Running Experience: 14 years, since my freshman year on the Varsity Cross Country team at Indian Hill High School in my native Cincinnati, Ohio.

           I used to be bad at running, but now I am proudly less bad.

  • Favorite Carbs: Bagels and Beer

The hardest part about training for a marathon isn’t always the race itself but rather the slew of 15 and 20 mile runs you must complete on weekends leading up to the race. These have often defeated me soundly.

One time I was so tired after a 20 miler, I had to call an Uber at the end to make it the remaining half mile to my apartment. I look forward to better runs this training season, and if that’s not my fortune, then at least New York has plenty of cabs to take me home at the end of an excruciating long run.

I live on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and I was so inspired last November watching all runners stride up First Avenue to the cheers of thousands of spectators as far as I could see. It seemed like an incredible, fun experience, and I wanted to be a part of it. The people enjoying cocktails and brunch from their apartments overlooking First Avenue also seemed to be having an incredible, fun experience, but I wanted to run instead for some reason.

Four or five times a week, I head four blocks west and jog all over Central Park. To break up the monotony, I do yoga once a week, and weather permitting, I ride my bike (carefully!) around New York City and its environs.

I ran the 2015 Newport Marathon in Newport, Rhode Island to benefit the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center—a small, regional nonprofit focused on education and hunger relief where I also previously worked. I have also run three half marathons: 2014 Boston, 2017 Mystic, and 2018 Brooklyn.

I am grateful for the opportunity to run this iconic race through the five boroughs of New York City while benefiting an organization that serves so many residents along the way.

From Staten Island to the Bronx and beyond, Catholic Charities serves everybody: the young man struggling with heroin addiction; the hard-working single mother of four hungry, growing boys; the Syrian refugee or Salvadorian asylee seeking safety and opportunity.

It is big-hearted work animated by love and compassion for all people in every corner of the City.


Only 3 marathon spots left on our team!

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