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En la Ciudad de Nueva York Cerca de 20,000 Inmigrantes Indocumentados Reciben Ayuda Económica

Posted on 07/1/2020 by Catholic Charities Admin  |  Share

La fundación ‘Open Society’ donó 20 millones de dólares que serán distribuidos a través de varias organizaciones a este grupo que había sido excluido de los beneficios federales. 

Published on Telemundo 

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Pandemic Exacerbates Fear, Challenges for Undocumented Immigrants

Posted on 04/8/2020 by Catholic Charities Admin  |  Share

Matamoros, Mexico, across from Brownsville, Texas, is the site of a tent camp where migrants await their asylum cases to be processed by the U.S. government. The camp is home to approximately 2,500 people and arose in 2019 after the Trump administration...

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Executive Action Q & A

Posted on 04/23/2015 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

About 338,000 undocumented immigrants living in New York State may qualify for President Obama’s Executive Action on immigration reform.

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