From Streets to a Safe Haven

Posted on April 6, 2017 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Shelter for the Homeless Struggling with Mental Illness

In New York City we see it far too often, men and women pushing carts filled with clothes and castaways, talking to themselves, sleeping on the streets. Serious, persistent mental illness makes it hard to find and keep a home. Yet a safe, supportive home is fundamental for treatment and recovery.  So, as part of our centennial initiatives, Catholic Charities is partnering with Bowery Residence Committee to provide stable beds in East Harlem for the street homeless.

It is designed for people who may have been homeless for many years.  This unique stabilization model provides a welcoming environment with fewer rules and barriers that may have caused them to avoid a traditional homeless shelter. And it pairs Bowery Residence Committee’s long experience connecting with the chronically homeless with Catholic Charities’ holistic case management approach to provide stability and eventual permanent housing for these vulnerable individuals.

The first site for up to 35 chronically homeless adults has already been opened at the former Holy Rosary convent in East Harlem. Additional sites are under construction

Catholic Charities offers a range of housing options for people struggling with mental illness.  Our supportive, affordable housing is integrated into the community.  We offer small community residences with closely supervised group living arrangements for people with severe mental illness.  We also offer apartments and single rooms with readily available support staff for higher functioning individuals.

Find a Catholic Charities agency that provides supportive housing for persons with mental illness.