Shocking Stats to Bolster Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted on January 3, 2017 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Simple as 1, 2, 3

Uh oh… Day 3 into our New Year’s resolutions and we’re already backsliding.

Lucky for you if your resolution was to join with us in making New York a better place

Because we have shocking stats recently compiled for the Women’s Center for Education and Career Advancement to bolster your resolve:

  1. More than 2 in 5 New York households lack enough income to cover even necessities – food, shelter, heath and child care costs
  2. That’s 940,000 families that cannot afford to feed, house and care for their children
  3. Break this down to individuals and we’re talking 2,700,000 men, women and children struggling

At Catholic Charities we help solve the problems of New Yorkers in need – non-Catholics and Catholics alike.  The neglected child, the homeless family and the hungry senior are among those for whom we provide help and create hope.

We rebuild lives and touch almost every human need promptly, locally, day in and day out, always with compassion and dignity.

We are so successful we have our own bucket of shocking stats.

Last year alone Catholic Charities

  • Protected and nurtured 77,000 children
  • Fed and help house 150,000 people
  • Strengthened and Resolved Crises for 134,000 individuals and families
  • Supported 13,000 physically and emotionally challenged individuals
  • Served 38,000 immigrants and refugees

Yes, 2.7 MILLION struggling people is a huge number.  And while the number we serve is big, it is not big enough.

Not now.  Not without your help.

So keep your New Year’s resolution.  Help us make New York a better place.

We make it easy.  There are so many ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions:


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