Rosie Regan Shares Her Inspiration

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Tips & Tricks for Running the New York City TCS Marathon

Team Catholic Charities Runner Rosie Regan (R) trains for NYC TCS Marathon

As temperatures drop and the days get shorter our NYC Marathon Team Catholic Charities runners realize their months of training are quickly coming to a close.  Now as the TCS New York Marathon on Sunday, November 6, 2016 creeps closer, we wonder what inspires folks to run one of the toughest marathons in the world.

Let’s hear today from Team Catholic Charities Runner Rosie Regan.

By Rosie Regan

I am very excited to be running with Team Catholic Charities this November in my first marathon. Although it may sound cliché, running 26.2 miles seems simple compared to what many of these individuals and families served by Catholic Charities have been through.

I know a lot about Catholic Charities because this is an organization that is very close to my heart and that I have been involved with for most of my life. For starters, I am from Bronxville, New York and I’m a Parishioner at St. Joseph’s Church. I attended School of the Holy Child in Rye before graduating from Colgate University last May.

Moreover, I am currently a member of the Next Generation Board for the W. O’Neil Foundation which is an organization that has worked closely with the Catholic Charities of New York in the past. My Grandmother, Grace O’Neil, helped found this organization.

I am very proud to be representing and fundraising for Team Catholic Charities, a team that has a demonstrated commitment to helping the poorest and most vulnerable of New York.

Cheer for Rosie and fellow Team Catholic Charities runners in the 2016 New York City TCS Marathon.


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