Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief: Top Ways You Can Help

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Opportunities to Contribute: Clothing, Cleansers & Other Donations

Too many of our brothers and sisters have been affected by recent hurricanes and natural disasters. It is heartbreaking to see so much suffering through images on the news and via social media.

Catholic Charities extends our prayers and thoughts to the people of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida, Texas and more during these very difficult days.

We are particularly saddened since these communities are so woven into the fabric of New York including our parishes, schools and Catholic Charities.

“With over a million Puerto Rican-Americans that call our state home, New Yorkers should do all we can to help our family and friends on the island." - Msgr. Kevin Sullivan

In response to this suffering, Catholic Charities formed partnerships with local groups here in New York and in the directly affected areas to provide much needed aid and assistance.

The need to serve and reach out to those dealing with the aftermath of these disasters is critical.

Catholic Charities is taking a leadership role providing disaster recovery and relief. Catholic Charities of New York is serving as a conduit for donations for Puerto Rico Relief and Recovery efforts.

  • Funds will be provided to Caritas de Puerto Rico and The New York Founding for their relief and recovery efforts.
  • Catholic Charities is also serving as fiscal conduit for the Estoy Con Puerto Rico campaign sponsored by Comite Noviembre, the National Supermarket Association and the National Association of Latino Chambers of Commerce.
  • These funds will be distributed to several local groups involved in recovery efforts on the Island.
  • Donations of goods are being collected statewide.

There is so much to be done; it will take years for many to recover. 

Let’s start now!

Catholic Charities of New York is serving as a conduit for donations for Puerto Rico Relief and Recovery efforts.

Donate by Mail: Make checks payable to “Catholic Charities/Estoy Con Puerto Rico” and address to:

Catholic Charities/Estoy Con Puerto Rico, 1011 First Avenue, 11th floor, New York, NY 10022

Donate Online:  Visit 

On the web form, type “Estoy con Puerto Rico” in the text field below ”Optional: Designate Your Contribution”

Learn more about our recent disaster relief efforts:



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