Nor’easter Survival Guide

Posted on March 12, 2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Top 12 Tips to Get You through the Storm

Not another nor’easter! Perhaps you, like my neighbors and I, were among the 132,000 Con Ed customers without heat, lights and, with well water, plumbing (yuck!) after this month’s first 2 storms.  Now, with our electricity finally back on after eight days in darkness, they’re predicting another Nor’easter tomorrow. 

This time we’ll be ready!

Here’s an insider’s Nor’easter survival guide:

  1. Stock up your frig
  2. Pull together an emergency supply kid: flashlights, batteries, first aid
  3. Charge your cell phone
  4. Pick up gas for your generator if you have one – and set it up at least 20 feet outside your home
  5. Fill up your bathtub with water
  6. Move indoors or tie down everything wind could pound through your windows
  7. Stay indoors - and away from windows
  8. If you must be outdoors, avoid roofs, bridges and other high areas where winds are worst
  9. Do NOT touch downed power lines, not even with your car
  10. Drive SLOWLY
  11. Check on friends, the elderly and those with special needs
  12. Stay Safe

Catholic Charities provides help when disasters strike.  From the World Trade Center disaster to Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy, Catholic Charities served as the premier provider and coordinator of disaster relief. Our professional staff and volunteers visit parishes to deliver information and resources.  We collect and distribute food and supplies.  We tailor our response to meet individual needs. We provide help. We create hope.  We rebuild lives.

When power’s out and you’re hungry, homeless and searching for support: