New School Year Anxiety? Check Out Our 5 Top Tips to Help Children Succeed

Posted on September 10, 2018 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Pooling Our Expertise to Guarantee Your Child’s Success

While a new school year seems exciting for some children, for others it can seem scary.  Our team of affiliated agencies at Catholic Charities NY provides educational, preschool and after-school programs for children challenged not only by new-school-year fears but by disabilities and poverty as well.  So we pooled our expertise to offer the best tips for a successful score year for all children.  Check out our Top 5 New-School-Year Tips adapted from our affiliate, Astor Services for Children and Families.

Astor Services for Children & Families provides support for preschoolers, children with behavioral and emotional health problems, children at risk of placement in foster care, and families that need assistance in developing the skills necessary to raise their children in an environment filled with increasing challenges.

Our Top 5 New-School-Year Tips:

  1. Stick to a school bedtime routine. Adjust your child’s bed and wake times slowly and encourage them to pick out their clothes for the day.
  2. Talk with your children about school, in general, and their days, in particular. Let them express their excitement and concerns. Help them develop strategies for facing their worries.  
  3. Plan a school visit. It’s not too late, even though school has started. Visit the grounds and schedule a meeting with your child and new teacher.  Your support and presence will make both of them more comfortable with this transition.
  4. Take it slow the in the first few weeks. Spread out activities. Let your children relax and get ready for school by connecting with family and friends and getting lots of stress-free rest.
  5. Make connections. Plan some playdates for your child to foster friendships. Connections with friends at school and a working partnership with your child’s teacher can go a long way to starting the school year out right.

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