My Personal Reasons for Joining Team Catholic Charities NY in the NYC Marathon

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Find Out How Running Brings James Marr’s Family Together

Why some throw in their lot with Team Catholic Charities NY for the grueling, 26.2-mile TCS New York City Marathon differs for each runner.  Some run for the challenge.  Others run for the cause.  But for some, like James Marr, the reasons are poignant and personal. 

By James Marr

Over the years, as my children have grown, running has been one of the activities that helped bring the family together. We have gathered to cheer on my daughter as she excelled during her high school cross country races. We shared the excitement of my son as he began to participate and win prizes at local distance running events.

Running Brings Together Family in Crisis

Some years back I went through a divorce. Although this was quite a difficult time for my family, I am sure it is relatively minor compared to the tremendous challenges that confront the many families being assisted by Catholic Charities.

My local church was instrumental in helping us through the toughest period of this process. They provided hope for the family during the initial stages of the separation. In addition, they affirmed us as a family as the divorce process was being completed.

Inspired to Run for Catholic Charities

I am very inspired to run the NYC Marathon on behalf of Catholic Charities NY. This is my second marathon after completing the 1992 NYC marathon. The long training runs are a bit more of a challenge this time around.

Thank you for Hope

Of the many good works that the charity does, the areas that resonate the most for me include the focus on hope, and the welfare and integrity of families.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to run for Catholic Charities NY as it is a way to say thank you for hope I received in difficult times.  I am happy our running team can do our small part to help them to continue to perform their very important work.      

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