Msgr. Kevin Sullivan Offers Full-Year Agenda at Mayor’s Interfaith Breakfast

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Joining rabbis, Sikhs, ministers and more, Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan offered an invocation and inspiration at the January 17th, 2019 Interfaith Breakfast hosted by Mayor Bill de Blasio and First Lady Chirlane McCray at the New York Public Library.

Speakers shared insight and encouragement -- but only Msgr. Sullivan provided a full 12-month agenda to guide us through the year.

Fortunately, you didn’t need to attend the breakfast to learn what he had to say.

Curious?  Check it out:

By Msgr. Kevin Sullivan
Executive Director, Catholic Charities NY

Almighty God, thank you for gathering us this morning with our Mayor and First Lady and so many other good people.

Almighty God, as we begin 2019, I do not mean for my prayer to instruct you, but rather may I offer some suggestions for your agenda for the next 12 months….  O Creator and sustainer of all times and season, 

In January,
Joy and hope for a good year;

In February,
Warmth for those on our streets, and some help with cleaning up the snow;

In March,
Renewal & revitalization as the days lengthen, and may our bracket picks in March madness make it to the final four.  O.k., God, we promise to tithe our winnings 

In April,
Bring us Christians greater depth, fulfillment and commitment as we celebrate the saving cross and resurrection of Jesus. Also remind us that we believe his grace and goodness is for all.

In May,
Help those with Gemini birthdays, like me, to be less two faced, and more straightforward and consistent.

In June,
Help our kids to graduate and embark on a better future, and for those who don’t quite make it another chance and greater help and support.

In July,
Some sun and warmth for the 4th of July weekend.  May we reflect and recommit to life, liberty, freedom, happiness, mutuality and honor.  And God, a little mercy for each of us when we have failed our country.

In August,
An abundance of ice cream of many flavors, – because everything is better with ice cream.  God, please make mine cookies & cream!

In September,
Bless our teachers with renewed perseverance and dedication

In October,
Make our subways run on time, and especially the “D” and “4” trains so we can be prompt for the World Series games in Yankee Stadium.

In November,
Reduce our complaining, increase our giving thanks to you and out giving back to one another.  Make our family gatherings nourishing and caring.

In December,
As the light wanes, and Christians prepare for and celebrate the Nativity, help us to bring his light into the darkness and his peace to an anxious and muddled world.  

And God in every month, and every season, less pride and more humility, less vengeance and more mercy. less hate, more love.

Almighty God – just a few suggestions for the next, but please if you have better, please Almighty God I prefer you did it not my way, but your way… Amen.

Watch the entire Interfaith Breakfast

…Or watch the clip of Monsignor Sullivan's prayer below: