Meet Two Refugees Served by Catholic Charities

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Find Out Why So Many Come to Us for Help

As politicians duke out this Christmas season how to treat those forced to flee their countries because of wars, persecution or natural disasters, let's meet two of these refugees and find out why so many come to Catholic Charities NY for help.

The Center for Migration Studies, one of the oldest immigration policy think tanks and advocacy institutes, introduced them in this recently released video when they honored Catholic Charities NY and our senior attorney, Mark von Sternberg, at their 2017 Gala for their breadth, depth and constancy of work.

Meet Ahmed Wahab, an asylee from Nigeria in West Africa

“At Catholic Charities they let me feel like home. It welcomes everybody. Everybody there is a friend to me.  They give me money to save my life.  They help me with documentation. They send me to training so I can be a good person in society.  It’s Catholic Charities that helped me get the job I have now.  Every time I go there they let me know that whenever I have any issue or problem I should let them go.  They help me be someone today.”

Meet Marian Moros, a refugee from Egypt.

I came here with my parents one year and a half ago. My mom was suffering a lot from jobs where people were treating her bad.  There was a course Catholic Charities helped her take and covered the cost.  Then, with the certification she earned from it, they helped her get a job. Catholic Charities also helped me get a better job than the one I was at.  Another great experience which touched me the most was when I started college last semester. (I was having trouble navigating financial aid) and emailed Catholic Charities.  They emailed me right back and said they’d always be there for me and spoke on my behalf. If not for Catholic Charities I couldn’t go to college.  They give that feeling that there’s someone there for you, someone who has your back with whatever you will face. 

The gala commemorated the Center for Migration Studies 53-year commitment to the study of international migration, the promotion of understanding between immigrants and receiving communities, and to public policies that safeguard the dignity and rights of migrants, refugees and newcomers.  U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Cardinal Timothy Dolan were among nearly 20 honorary hosts who lent their stature to the event.

As Catholic Charities Honoree Mark von Sternberg says, “We do more than represent individual asylum seekers… We advocate for a community of values which has irreducible ethical content: human rights on a universal basis without discrimination as to status or beliefs.

Find out more about Catholic Charities free and low-cost services for immigrants and refugees

Call the New York State New Americans Hotline operated by Catholic Charities for immigration help: 212-419-3737



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