Lucy Brusco: Running the NYC Marathon to Share God's Love

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Why I'm Running for Team Catholic Charities

Why, when marathon runners can choose to run for hundreds of good causes – or no cause at all – do they run for Team Catholic Charities NY?  Some say they choose our Team because of our full-fledged support for runners.  Others say they run because they want to raise money to help our cause, providing help and hope to New Yorkers in need.  And a few, like Lucy Brusco, say they run as a way to share God’s love.  Let’s hear more from Lucy now:

By Lucy Brusco

My hope in serving with this team is that others will be moved to support the platform that exists only to show God’s love to those most in need.

For me, the Jesuit philosophy of seeing God in all things is what motivates action. For it is just by the grace of God that we are here: in a safe environment, with the freedom to live our lives in any way we choose.

We could be the ones desperately needing help in one of the many places in the world without this freedom. Our children could be the ones being sold into human trafficking; or eating out of garbage dumps for their very survival. It could be our family seeking refuge from war, or risking our lives to find a means to survive. But, for whatever reason, it is not.

We are the lucky ones, finding ourselves here with freedom and in a position to help others who need it. The very ability to serve is a great privilege.

Feeding the hungry, helping the homeless, assisting the impoverished, standing with refugees and welcoming immigrants are just a few of the many missions that exist as part of Catholic Charities. For some, Catholic Charities can be the only beacon of hope that keeps them working towards a better life.

It is with humble gratitude that I am in a position to help Catholic Charities.

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