Humidity, High Temperatures, and Heat Waves, Oh My!

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Woman Splashed With Water To Cool Off In Summer Sun
Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire

New York City cooling centers are open for people to catch a break from the extreme heat.

by Dana Weiner and Sophia Theriault

New York City’s heat index is becoming dangerously high, so the City transformed hundreds of libraries, community centers, schools, and malls into “cooling centers.” These cooling centers are available in all five boroughs opening today until July 21.

Keeping yourself cool during these hot summer months is imperative, especially when temperatures are high during consecutive days. People should take advantage of these cooling centers and spend a few hours in the air conditioning to prevent heat-related illnesses.

These cooling centers are located all around the City and are a great resource for the elderly, children, and those who do not have access to cool environments in either their place of work or home.  

City officials say the New Yorkers most at risk during these heat waves include “anyone without air conditioning, people with chronic medical, mental health, cognitive, or developmental conditions, anyone taking medications that affect body temperature, residents with limited mobility, obese people, and anyone misusing alcohol or drugs.”

In accordance with the New York State Department of Health and the county health departments, the county emergency management and preparedness offices have to locate the cooling centers within each county. They must also provide people with the necessary information to access these facilities.

New York City Emergency Management has released tips and information relating to the extreme heat New Yorkers face during the summer months.

Before extreme heat:

During extreme heat:

  • Stay informed and connected
  • Protect your health by keeping hydrated
  • Conserve water and power
  • Check on elderly, handicapped, and pets

In the event of an emergency or if you notice someone in need of medical assistance, please call 911 immediately. The call may just save a life.

To find the cooling center nearest you, including wheelchair accessible locations, call 311 or visit the NYC Cooling Center Finder.