How to Turn Friday the 13th Into Your Good Luck Day

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Turn Your Luck Around with Our Top 13 Volunteer Opportunities 

Bad luck, schmad luck.  Turn Friday the 13th ‘s bad luck into good with our Top 13 Volunteer opportunities tailored just for you! 

  • Looking to tap, share and expand your talents?
  • Want an easy commute?

From dance instruction to legal advice and from art to reading, when it comes to volunteer opportunities throughout New York neighborhoods, you name it; we’ve got it here at Catholic Charities NY. 

So here they go - listed from South to North - and designed just for you:


1. Mural Artists

Help paint motivational and uplifting murals in our new facility


2. Young Professionals Looking to Help New Yorkers in Need

Are you a young professional (ages 25-40) looking to help needy New Yorkers and meet fellow committed New Yorkers? Learn how you can participate in volunteer opportunities, social gatherings, faith-based events and philanthropic support

3. Help the Blind & Visually Impaired Complete Important Surveys

Help ensure blind and visually impaired people receive services they need by reading and helping them complete  consumer satisfaction surveys .

4. English as a Second Language Instructor  for the Visually Impaired

Imagine trying to acclimate to new country and new language without vision. Help teach English to the visually impaired.


5. Restore murals with High School Students

Work with a group of students through their art class

6. Tutor and Mentor Youth with HIV/AIDs

Many of these youth were not expected to live to see their teen years.  Now, thanks to modern medicine, being born or diagnosed with HIV & AIDS is no longer a death sentence. But when you were brought up with  little hope, role models are usually few and far between.
Help by providing homework help, engaging in recreational activities, chaperoning weekly facility outings and serving as a mentor and role model.

7. Attorney Instructors to Teach Tenant Education and Rights Workshops

Are you an attorney? We are looking for volunteers to teach Tenants' Rights & Responsibilities Workshops aimed at transforming participants into reliable tenants


8. Gardening Help to Cheer Up a Neighborhood

Do you have a green thumb? Can you help us spruce up our garden or build a shed?
We are looking for volunteers to help us clean and maintain a community garden, help build a shed or plant flower boxes.

9. Calling all ZUMBA instructors!
We are looking for a volunteer who can help us teach ZUMBA classes to our parents at our local community center. Thanks to you, parents can learn team building skills, compose dance routines, and express themselves through music, poetry and drama -- all while promoting cultural awareness in their community.

10. Become a positive role model (of course!) Mentor high school students

Here’s an APB for mentors to become positive role models and career advisors for high school students

Tutor Elementary School Children

11. Help tutor elementary school students; offer homework help and supplemental educational activities.

12. Community Service Center Receptionist

Assist with answering phones, greeting clients and directing clients to our various services.


13. Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant with Day Laborers Program Assist the Program Coordinator with everyday administrative tasks.

Didn’t find your calling in our Top 13 Volunteer Opportunities?

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