Best Way to Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day 2019 in New York

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Irish Dancing, Music, Language and More!

We’ve got the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day 2019 and every day with an Irish flair!  Check out our Catholic Charities affiliate Aisling Center for Irish dancing, Irish music, even classes in...

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Inside “SOMOS,” a NY Gathering to Empower the Hispanic Community

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“Focused on the Advancement of Our People”: Larissa Story Shares Her Perspective

Larissa Story, 3rd from left, with fellow CCNY staff

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Best Spring Volunteer Opportunities in New York

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You Name It; We’ve Got It!

The sun’s shining, days are longer and we’re itching for great volunteer opportunities here in New York. Well, when it comes to volunteering, you name it; we’ve got it here at Catholic Charities.  From mentoring children...

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Dorothy Day: Our #1 Women’s History Month Nominee

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Insider’s Peak from Person Guiding Her Canonization

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Catholic Charities Advocates for Worker Rights

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Day Laborer Meeting Addresses the Current Anti-Immigrant Climate

More than 100 day laborer and immigrant workers from across the five boroughs joined New York City officials and local social service organization leaders including Catholic Charities NY...

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Lent 101

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Experts Cut to the Chase to Clear the Confusion

No better time than today, Ash Wednesday 2019, when we kick off Lent to admit these 40 days of prayer, alms and fasting can be confusing.  After all, what does giving up Skittles, smokes or meat have to...

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Chef Lidia Shares Her Journey from Refugee to Culinary Queen

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Joins Catholic Charities to Inspire Teens at Fordham Prep

Students, spellbound and silent, listened as first famed chef Lidia Bastianich described her childhood as a refugee, then Catholic Charities NY Director of Immigrant Services Mario Russell...

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Wisecrackers, Divas & Dancers – Elderly Lott Residents I Love

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A Grateful Volunteer’s Perspective

Linda singing "Quando, Quando, Quando"

By Mary Kate Skehan

Catholic Charities Junior Board Volunteer Committee Co-Chair

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Huge Disparities in Infant Mortality & Health Care Accessibility in NYC

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Community Health Profile Reveals Disturbing Facts

Families, individuals and children in New York City neighborhoods Catholic Charities NY serves are burdened not only by significantly worse health but less access to health care than other neighborhoods...

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Workers Rights: Top 3 Things You Need to Know

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Convening Offers Key Strategies to Improve Immigrant Workplace Conditions

Men stiffed by their bosses after working 12 hours in sun, snow and rain.  Women paid subminimum wage for scrubbing toilets.  Examples of exploited immigrant workers are older...

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Hostos College Honors Catholic Charities "Distinguished Dominican" Beatriz Diaz Taveras

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"The Key Is Always Give 100%"

Ms. Taveras in her office-turned-flower shop thanks to staff's congratulatory bouquets

Congratulations to Beatriz Diaz Taveras, our executive director of Catholic Charities Community Services NY, for the well...

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Warming Centers Protect Homeless as Temperatures Plummet

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Catholic Charities NY Opens New Centers in Ulster & Rockland Counties

As 25-mile-per-hour winds drag arctic air into the region plunging temperatures into the teens, men and women, homeless and desperate, gather inside Catholic Charities’ new...

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