Free Services for the Visually Impaired

Posted on September 28, 2016 by Alice Kenny  |  Share

Right Here at Catholic Guild for the Blind

Are you or someone you know visually impaired or blind and looking for free services to live more independently?

Catholic Guild for the Blind is here for you.

Catholic Guild for the blind offers a guiding hand, proven expertise and a full menu of services. We enable people to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to live independently and to their fullest potential.

Our wide range of services includes training and support with:

  • Travel/orientation and mobility
  • Employment training and placement
  • Financial management
  • Personal daily/independent living skills 
  • Vision rehabilitation
  • Academic instruction including preparing for the GED and English as a Second Language
  • Computers and assistive technology
  • Low-vision services and devices 
  • Case management

We even offer special services for seniors aged 55+ who are legally blind including:

  • Techniques for safe meal preparation
  • Equipment specially designed to help people with low vision manage everyday chores
  • Home organization assistance to make it easier to access belongings
  • Tips for banking and paying bills
  • Special labeling of clothes for easier identification
  • Mobility training to safely access homes and neighborhoods
  • Help with personal and health care needs
  • Access to community resources

Catholic Guild for the Blind’s free services remove barriers, create solutions and expand possibilities so you can achieve your full potential.