Finding Hope by Running 

Posted on July 31, 2019 by Catholic Charities Admin  |  Share

James Walsh and his family motivate each other to run for “a phenomenal cause.”

When I first started in 2017 running the marathon for Catholic Charities, my intent was to honor my Mom who had passed suddenly and who was indebted to organizations like Catholic Charities and St. Vincent Depaul for all they did for her as a young mother struggling, and who in the latter part of her life, did everything she could to give back and help wherever she could. 

As I approach my 3rd year of running, my agenda has changed as this has become a hallmark with my friends, colleagues, my beautiful wife Christine and my two daughters, Giavanna and Peyton. They all rally around me and help raise money for a phenomenal cause. They reflect on their own lives when they perhaps needed help or just faith from something so good. I am proud to be that conduit that delivers to them. I am also proud that I have grown closer to the folks at Catholic Charities of New York and look forward to supporting them even further. 

As for training, the summers are brutal, so I try to get it done early or in the evening. I am currently entrenched in a 16 week program to get into marathon shape and watching my diet so I can pound through 26.2 miles!