Congrats to NYC TCS Marathon Team Catholic Charities 2018!

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You Made Us Proud!

Pounding past cheering crowds, autumn trees and bridges and rivers that divide New York City’s five boroughs, our nine Team Catholic Charities NY 2018 New York City TCS Marathon runners joined Men’s and Women’s Divisions winners Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia and Mary Keitany of Kenya yesterday for the exhilarating mix of challenge, pain and triumph.

By the time they reached our special Catholic Charities NY Cheering Section at Fifth Avenue and 91st Street they had long since entered a runners Zen. Some noticed us before pushing through their final sprint into Central Park, some sped by after already crisscrossing five boroughs and most of the 26.2 mile course with their 50,000 fellow runners. And some, like our own Catholic Charities Program Officer Will Sloneker, waved and hugged staff before racing past.

James Walsh celebrates his finish

Our staff and volunteers, voices hoarse from cheering all day as they alternated between the warming sun and shivering shade while tracking our Team Catholic Charities’ progress on a special marathon app, erupted in claps and applause. 

Check out our Team Catholic Charities NY running times:

Brian Winters: 3:40
James Marr: 3:55
Christopher Ruddy: 3:58
William Sloneker: 4:05
Kenneth Warner: 4:27
James Tuomey: 4:44
Lucy Brusco: 5:41
James Walsh: 5:54
Samuel Hernandez: 6:37

Congratulations, Brian, James, Chris, Will, Ken, James T., Lucy, James W. and Sam!  Thank you, also, for raising funds for our special St. Nicholas Project that helps New Yorkers in need.

You did it – and we’re so proud of you!

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