Catholic Charities Junior Board Feeds Hungry New Yorkers

Posted on August 17, 2015 by Catholic Charities Admin  |  Share

Instead of lying on the beach, 12 Catholic Charities Junior Board members helped our neighbors in need by serving meals to hungry New Yorkers at the “Meatloaf Soup Kitchen” this past Saturday, August 15, at the Cardinal Spellman Center on the Lower East Side. 

“I found this a great way to start my weekend,” says Junior Board member Ruth Zapata.  “I was so happy to be participating with such a great organization that provides not only food but smiles to everyone walking through the door.”

The big issue faced by the hungry as well as those like Catholic Charities that serve them, is that people often think about being generous and helping out at Thanksgiving, particularly with food programs.  But people are hungry throughout the year.  And it’s much harder to get volunteers in the summer months. 

So Catholic Charities Junior Board stepped up its game. It provided volunteers for two shifts at this Catholic Charities soup kitchen.

“This was my first time volunteering at the Meatloaf Kitchen,” says Junior Board Co-Chair Mario Bruschi.  “I discovered that it is a great feeling to be able to serve others with dignity and respect.  We did not simply serve them food but we provided an experience for them.  We made them feel like they were the most important people in that room.  After all, they do deserve to be treated with respect because the people I met are true heroes who battle every day to make ends meet.  They have tremendous courage and I am grateful for their example.”

Msgr. Kevin Sullivan joined as the Junior Board helped serve meals to more than 300 hundred very needy New Yorkers.  He praised both the Meatloaf Soup Kitchen and the Junior Board.

“Catholic Charities is very pleased that the Meatloaf Soup Kitchen has been at the Catholic Charities Cardinal Spellman Center for the past decade feeding hungry New Yorkers,” he said.  “Now I am even more grateful that our Junior Board has made this one of their volunteer priorities.  It’s another example of all the partnerships Catholic Charities fosters to provide help and create hope in the lives of New Yorkers.”