New Warm Coats: A Valentine’s Day Gift to New York’s Neediest

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JaffaCares Teams with Catholic Charities to Provide Coats

Nearly 100 impoverished men and women we serve at Catholic Charities NY received the early Valentine last week they wanted most, new winter coats.  The gift of warmth in this cold city served...

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Ladies of Charity Explore Estate Planning

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Check Out These Simple Steps Everyone Can Follow

Snacking on salmon tea sandwiches and freshly baked cookies, 40 women, nearly all Ladies of Charity members whose motto is “making a difference”, along with several men hunkered down last week on the...

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Donate Your Car to Catholic Charities NY

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Great Tax Deduction Tip!

Donate your car in New York to Catholic Charities and receive a valuable tax deduction!

It’s a win-win for everybody!

  • YOU benefit by being able to reduce your taxable income -- and you avoid the costs...

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Top 6 Volunteer Opportunities to Help Immigrants in New York

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You Have Time to Give?  We Have Options!

As a premier provider of immigrant services in New York, Catholic Charities offers the best volunteer opportunities tailored just for you.

Choose from our Top 6 Immigration Volunteer opportunities for...

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No-Cost Preschool Assistance for Immigrant Children

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Sign up and receive application help for FREE Pre-K programs for children ages three to four regardless of immigration status.  Applications for the upcoming school year are open now!

Thanks to Catholic Charities NY’s affiliate, LSA Family Health Service...

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Unpaid Non-Profits; NYC’s Version of Unpaid Government Contracts

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“NYC: Tough Place to Do Business When You’re Doing Business with City Itself”

Comptroller Stringer & Msgr. Kevin Sullivan. Photo courtesy Susan Watts/Office of New York City Comptroller

As cameras turn, at least for now, away from the plight...

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Islands of Desolation: HOPE Homeless Count 2019

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 “I’m Still Thinking of Them Now & What They’re Doing Tonight”

Just before midnight on Tuesday, January 29th and stretching into the chilly early morning hours of January 30th, Catholic Charities Bronx Director Rev. Eric Cruz joined a squad of...

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Feed Hungry New Yorkers at ShopRite’s Checkout

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But Time Is Running Out

For this week only, thanks to ShopRite Supermarket’s special partnership with Catholic Charities NY, we have the easiest, best and most effective way to help feed our hungry neighbors. 

How easy?  This easy…At checkout...

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Tattered Suitcases & Threadbare Comforters

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My Subway Ride with Homeless New Yorkers

By Elyse Giamo

Catholic Charities NY Grants Coordinator & Writer

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Just-Passed NY DREAM Act Opens College Opportunities for Immigrant Children

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Designed to also Improve NY State Economy

New York lawmakers passed a bill Wednesday slated to provide college opportunities for “Dreamer” youth while improving the economy of New York State.

Called the Jose Peralta New York State...

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Count, Canvass & Listen to a Special Panel Discussion on NYC's Homeless: Join Us for HOPE 2019

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To Address This Tragedy We Must Know How Big It Is

We know it; we see it; and we’re all profoundly disturbed by it: the reality of men and women shivering homeless this winter on New York City streets. 

Please join us in doing something about...

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Msgr. Kevin Sullivan Offers Full-Year Agenda at Mayor’s Interfaith Breakfast

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Check It Out

Joining rabbis, Sikhs, ministers and more, Catholic Charities Executive Director Msgr. Kevin Sullivan offered an invocation and inspiration at the January 17th, 2019 Interfaith Breakfast hosted by Mayor Bill de Blasio and First...

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‘We Are a Casita Family.’ In the Bronx, an Education Center Provides a 2nd Home

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Read the Powerful Story about This Catholic Charities Affiliate Here and in the New York Times

Noah, 6, knelt on a chair, hunching over a sheet of pale blue construction paper. Brown crayon in hand, he frowned in concentration as he drew...

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Best Way to Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2019

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Join Us in Harlem; Meet an Original Freedom Rider 

Looking for the best FREE way to celebrate and honor the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? 

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