“May-December” Prom Pairs Elderly with Young New Yorkers

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Check out the party of the season: a special prom held last week that paired the elderly  - some formerly homeless - with up-and-coming young New Yorkers.  Below some Catholic Charities NY Junior Board members share personal highlights about participating in the “prom” held last week at Lott Residence, a Catholic Charities NY affiliate whose mission is to build a better quality of life for New York’s elderly.

“We laughed together, danced, played games, and swapped stories,” says Catholic Charities Junior Board member and Volunteer Committee Co-Chair Ricky Cedrone. 

Catholic Charities NY’s Junior Board introduces young professionals to the varied programs and works of Catholic Charities through volunteer opportunities such as the Lott Residence Prom, social gatherings, faith-based events and philanthropic support.  The Board helps cultivate the next generation of leaders committed to Catholic Charities and serving those in need in our community.

Ricky says he joined the board when he moved to New York City to give back with a group that shared his faith and values, and ended up being drawn in by the sense of community among Junior Board members.

“The folks that I’ve had a chance to catch up with have some incredible experiences to share, it’s really inspiring to hear all about their life journeys,” Ricky says.

“After visiting the Lott Residence every few months for the past couple of years with the Catholic Charities Junior Board, it’s been fun to see familiar faces among the senior residents and feel the excitement in the air when the Junior Board volunteers come to visit.” 

Reverend Robert V. Lott started Lott Community Development Corp. in 1988. Its initial mission focused on building a better quality of life for New York’s elderly, those who were formerly homeless and individuals of low to moderate income. It has now grown to become a leading force in revitalizing the East and Central Harlem communities, helping New York seniors live with dignity and respect.

“The staff at Lott is amazing too, the bond that they share with the residents is unmistakable. They don’t just care for their residents, but truly care about them too. We’re so fortunate that the Lott Residence has opened up its doors to our volunteers, and hope to continue our celebrations with our friends there for many years to come!”

As one of Manhattan’s only assisted living facilities that accepts Medicaid, Lott Residence serves  as a state and national model for the quality of life that can be achieved for assisted living.

 “This was particularly enjoyable and fun, like any prom should be,” says Catholic Charities NY Junior Board member and volunteer Tekau Frere.

They – and their residents - apparently also serve as a model on how to throw a great party.

“They certainly got some moves,” Tekua adds about the residents. “Luckily we didn’t do a dance off; we’d have been in deep trouble otherwise!”

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