Disaster Response & Recovery

Catholic Charities provides help when disasters strike.  From the World Trade Center disaster to Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy, Catholic Charities served as the premier provider and coordinator of disaster relief. 

Our professional staff and volunteers visit parishes to deliver information and resources.  We collect and distribute food and supplies.  We tailor our response to meet individual needs. We provide help. We create hope.  We rebuild lives.   

Our case managers continue to provide long-term assistance for people impacted by Superstorm Sandy.  Our professional staff answers questions about recovery.  They help plan how to address long-term needs.  They connect people to community resources.  They determine what financial assistance may still be available.  And they advocate with service providers.

Our Catholic Charities Disaster Case Management Program partners with fellow key providers of disaster relief.  It has been working with the New York State Division of Homeland Security, the New York City Office of Emergency Management, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and multiple partner agencies.  

Individuals still affected by Superstorm Sandy can call the Sandy Referral Line we operate at: 855-258-0483 

Monday - Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM

New Yorkers Honor 9/11 by Feeding Hurricane Victims and Hungry New Yorkers

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Day of Service Provides 100,000 Bags of Food to Catholic Charities Food Hub

Decked in hair nets and t-shirts thousands of New York City volunteers stood shoulder to shoulder at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum.  Their goal: to pack 550,000 bags of emergency food relief to honor 9/11, feed the hungry and help those hurt by recent hurricanes.

The Best Way to Honor 9/11

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Prayers for Victims and Help for Hurricane Disaster Survivors

At Catholic Charities, we will never forget.

When terrorists attacked on 9/11, Catholic Charities helped establish an integrated system of services. 

“When thousands were fleeing the 9/11 attacks in New York, there were many running the ‘wrong way” to help those in need.”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan


Hurricane Harvey Relief: Best Ways You Can Help

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Top “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Here at Catholic Charities, we are monitoring Hurricane Harvey’s wrath as it tears through Texas and Louisiana and want to help those hurt by the storm.

Hurricane Harvey: Hearts & Help

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We Stand in Solidarity

By Msgr. Kevin Sullivan
Executive Director, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York

Haven Plaza Square LLC, an affiliate of the Association of New York Catholic Homes and the New York Institute for Human Development (IHD); CTA Architects; and the managing agent, The Wavecrest Management Team, recently broke ground for a $9.89 million natural disaster-resistant infrastructure building and associated resiliency upgrades at the affordable housing complex known as Haven Plaza. Haven Plaza Square LLC is the owner of the residential complex located on Avenue C between 10th and 13th Streets on Manhattan’s east side.

Looking for Help?

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Call Catholic Charities Help Line

At Catholic Charities Help Line, callers in New York can connect to our live, trained, knowledgeable – and bilingual – staff.  

Our staff assesses callers’ needs.  They use up-to-date, reliable advice about available assistance.  And they help callers overcome struggles by referring them to the help they need. 

We offer a wide variety of resources.  Our Help Line Operators can link callers to services from:

CCUSA - 2016 Annual Gathering

Catholic CHarities Debra Presti-Eschen will be honored with the Excellence in Management award.

Join Us!

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We’ve withstood it all here in New York – Floods. Fires.  Hurricanes. Power outages. 

We’ve undergone natural and, worse still, manmade disasters.

Throughout these crises Catholic Charities is here with you, offering support, guidance and help.

That’s why we encourage you now to join today, September 1st, in kicking off National Preparedness Month.

We know from past experience how important it is to take this month’s theme to heart: 

Strengthening Families & Resolving Crises

Families confronted by a crisis often feel helpless. Catholic Charities provides accurate and timely information and referrals, and will help advocate for the services required by a family. Catholic Charities crisis experts help individuals and families plan long-term solutions to immediate problems through counseling and financial assistance.